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Reviews for "Clockwords: Prelude"

Awesome game!

I was blown away just by the sheer competence of this game. It's ingenious! Games like these that test your reactions to time and pressure constraints are always engaging, though at times frustrating. Of course, the little bonuses, powerups, and other devices serve to help bail you out in the event of brain freezes. The music, too, seems incredibly fitting to the setting of the game. Probably the only qualm I have is that there have been a couple words that I ran into that the game wouldn't recognize. "Punic" is the only example I can think of right now, but it becomes a little irritating when, in a tight situation, a word you know exists won't work. Other than that rare occasion, I have to give this game all of my support, since it stimulates my brain in ways that I do not let it get stimulated in nearly enough. Quite the endeavor!


a really good puzzle/word game. It's like the way more hectic version of scrabble kinda sorta. good job!!!!1

Such a good game.

Amazing game here...Words do not describe...Innovative idea and super addictive. Plus the layout of the menu interface is fantastic...


This is going into my favorites thats for sure.

Fantastic game!

I loved this game. Although not the usual Newgrounds game, this was fun and addicting.

Word games rule!

This also had well drawn graphics and such.



not good at all the directions are misleading it say you can type any thing but you cant