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Reviews for "Clockwords: Prelude"


Its fun but gets kind of boring after a while

For a "scarbble" type game..

It wasn't half bad. Just the fact that certain terms (Negro, for example, is a color and countries) can't be used is stupid. You can't use words over again, which while a little annoying is fair.

Dude, below me:

You have to spell the words properly for it to work. The word you're thinking of is 'apocalypse'. Yep, that word works in the game.

This is a pretty sweet game. Not really a tower defense game at all, but a cool typing / vocabulary game nonetheless.

Words? What Words?

Annoying music and boring gameplay were the least of this games problems. The major problem with this game is after about five words I had run out of words this game recognized. It'll take foofaraw but not apocolypse? You link the bloody game to a dictionary but then you don't use even half the words in the dictionary, and a lot of the words you do allow are obscure. Very poor quailty and a sad show of what can go wrong when a good concept is put in the hands of fools.


If you make a word game make sure to fill out all the common everyday words before moving on to the uncommon ones. I lost because I hit 4 absent words in a row. useful, useless, mega