Reviews for "Christian's Life Intro"

looks like it will be really good. :)

Even though I can't really tell what it will be about, I really like the style, and if it's anything like your first flash, I think it should be awesome. :)


This looks like it would make a great animation... movie... show... thing. I would look forward to such a project coming to fruition.


It looks awsum, kinda hoping u dont use the whole vid for every intro tho haha


You should have a crew to help you on that with voices and that stuff.And you should put your shows on TV.Like Cartoon Newtwork or Nick,lol.Keep it up! :)


Anything on content, you can find in my DA comments, but I have a question: Who is the dude with the big hair & red jacket, and why do I keep thinking I know his appearance from Newgrounds?

VieRickend responds:

You might want to give me an example. I'm not sure I'm aware of a look alike