Reviews for "Christian's Life Intro"

lol I totally thought you meant the religion, but that would have been cool too.

holy shit

holy shit how do u do that u gotta tell muh ur secrets

Well, where is it then?

I'd really like to see the movie to this intro, but you posted this in 2009, we're in 2011 now and still nothing, at least post a trailer or sth to look forward to, let us know you're not dead :D


cool to see old school animation looks like old cartoon network


Anything on content, you can find in my DA comments, but I have a question: Who is the dude with the big hair & red jacket, and why do I keep thinking I know his appearance from Newgrounds?

VieRickend responds:

You might want to give me an example. I'm not sure I'm aware of a look alike