Reviews for "Christian's Life Intro"

Pretty good

Reminds me a lot of Matt Wilson or Andrew Kauervane. I like it a lot; it just seems a bit too long for an intro.

Not bad

Not bad at all! I'd probably watch it..so hurry up and finish it!

VieRickend responds:

The intro is finished. Instead of episodes, I'm creating a huge Flash Movie


catchy song and animation ;)

Holy crap man, make more intros.

That was fantastic for an intro. Don't know what you'd do with the actual show but the intro was exceptionally well done.

Toooooo long

Nice but it's a bit too long :/
And i remember the music ... but i don't know from where ...

VieRickend responds:

I know it's long. It's because I've got so many characters. As for the music, it's here on Newgrounds.