Reviews for "Christian's Life Intro"


i thought it would be a show about making fun of christians...

But anyways, really great stuff here. I'm totally diggin youre artistic style. Especially the smoothness of some of the character's running. It gives a very classical cartoony vibe. The only thing that bugs me is that you only drew their profile view... CAN you do a frontal or a 3/4? but nevertheless, im excited for the movie (if you get to making it). Great music, fantastic visuals, an overall superb intro, 8/10.


really great job on the animation


This looks like it would make a great animation... movie... show... thing. I would look forward to such a project coming to fruition.


The trailer looks cool.I hope the game itself will be cool too.

looks like it will be really good. :)

Even though I can't really tell what it will be about, I really like the style, and if it's anything like your first flash, I think it should be awesome. :)