Reviews for "Christian's Life Intro"


Brilliant work. Your animation was timed well with the music, and it was an overall enjoyable piece.
I agree with IamCaptainDean.. Your style reminds me of Matt Wilson's.
Can't wait to see an update on this. Looks to be something great.

Incredibly Intriguing!

I am honestly looking forward to seeing this series come into fruition! It reminds me of Matt Wilson's style...have you ever heard of Bonus Stage? The point being, I enjoyed the intro, and am uber excited to see a series!


You should have a crew to help you on that with voices and that stuff.And you should put your shows on TV.Like Cartoon Newtwork or Nick,lol.Keep it up! :)


Your style reminds me of Genndy Tartokovski's cartoons! Lookin forward to this!


Pretty darn good. :-)

I thought it was pretty good all in all. I think if the characters' names were shown either in bigger type, more legible type, or if they stayed on the screen a bit longer it would be perfect. I also like the drawing style of the characters. They remind me of older cartoons that blended real life interpretation with cartoon sketches which combines for one yummy milkshake of animational smoothness! If the content is as good as the animation and art is, I will definately watch the show/movie/whatever you feel like making it in to. I would also lol very much if you made an episode where they all joined the track team and you looped this intro but with dialogue. :-D Can't wait to see more! 9/10