Reviews for "the truth about games"


Some of the parts were laugh out loud funny, some bits didn't miss... just didn't have as much of an inpact, but trust me, this shows a lot of promise dude. Tune up some stuff, really script this shit out, and you'll be front paging in no time.

-- God Bless.


It showed promise, and really could have been something spectacular, but it wasn't, and for a few solid reasons.

First and foremost, you really should have a pre-loader for any video you do. It may not seem important, but a pre-loader gives the watcher a feeling that the flash is competent, at least until they press play and watch it.

On that note, it wasn't really all that fluent. I won't bash you too badly on the fluency though, as you seem to be a new flasher, but work on that for your next flash.

Finally, you need to work on some kind of official end screen, with a replay button and not have it loop. A looping video gives off the appearance of unprofessionalism. You had credits, which is a start, but the looping killed it for me. Again, I know it seems unnecessary, but with a proper end screen will help the flash in the long run.

Ending on that note, if this was one of your first, then I am impressed. You'll end up becoming a much better flasher in a years time.


ur silly but awesome parodies

Dead Space?

How old are you? And you have played Dead Space? O.o

only for the fps freaks

lol realy how you came up with that
the halo3 part was the best i find for myself