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Reviews for "Insomnia Dreams"

This here made me all giddy -swings left and right- sort of mood, and at the same time "Aww". You got a 5!


I like how you changed your key signature at ~1:40. Sounds great! Its a very calm song, great for sitting down and relaxing and listening to this while your doing homework. Grats!

Lol 73k downloads thanks the Geo Dash. Lollololloololololllloool.


I can't find the "tah bah ba du ba da ba du ba teh peteh be deda ba dum pa"... :l I'd love to know where that part is.
But even withought that part, this song seems amazing :D <3

Amazing song, also where is the “tah bah ba du” etc.?!?!

i like dat bass