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Reviews for "Insomnia Dreams"

First fund this song in a custom level on geometry dash called "Sweet dreams" by Creator Jr, Couldn't find the somg to download it (Btw love it) but backtracked the song id. ^^


I like how you changed your key signature at ~1:40. Sounds great! Its a very calm song, great for sitting down and relaxing and listening to this while your doing homework. Grats!

Lol 73k downloads thanks the Geo Dash. Lollololloololololllloool.


This is amazing! The timing is just perfect, and the even volume keeps the beat in line to the last tone. One could put this in concert respectfully.

i listened for the tah bah ba du ba da ba du ba teh peteh be deda ba dum pa, and i realised it was my favourite bit too >.<
amazing work, bro!

This here made me all giddy -swings left and right- sort of mood, and at the same time "Aww". You got a 5!