Reviews for "Days 2 Die-The Other Side"


Ok, I came to this as a big fan of number one, and I can say, you have improved over it. While also letting us have Survival mode in this game (Though, Vic apperantly talks like his sister)

My feelings on this however are a mixed bag. It's nice to see a story, even if it is lifted directly from the resident evil strategy guide, but I'm sincerely hoping this is the "Days 2 die" equivalent of Left 4 Dead's "Crash Course" there is some content here, but it doesn't do enough new or different to really Stand out from the first game, Plus, story mode was a bit short.

Now, Perhaps I should be the one to point at the elephant in the room here, I don't wanna be, but umm...You know that whole "Premium content" Thing? Yeahhhh, that's not cool, now look, I understand we all want to make money, I dig it, totally. But some of the things in this game, (I.E "Special Mercenaries Jill Wesker Chris ect ect) are property of capcom, and while I don't think it's a big deal if you use the likeness but you're not making money off of them, but given the fact that "Mochi coins" cost real money, are you not by proxy charging people for the right to use characters that are not yours?

Now, you might have all the consent in the world, if you do, feel free to ignore me, I'm just concerned, I like your little series here, it's fun, it has a lot of potential if you maybe work on the writing a little, get some nice voice talent and so on. But When I start to see things like "Premium content" I always get a little leery, though in this case it's more or less due to the nature of "Hey is that legal?" Not "Boo, I don't want to give you money."

Anyway, it was a fun little game that I enjoyed breaking over my knee as I do all games. Please do make more.

Great game; Great opening song.

I love the song in the beginning. Nothing Left by As I Lay Dying. That's all I have to say.


The aiming was weird, and I encountered a glitch where my character locked up and wouldnt move in the middle of one of the waves. other than that, decent.

....It's okay I guess.

Meh, it's okay, but it's too much like all the other zombie-related games on NG. But at least it looks like you put some effort in to this game, unlike most zombie flash games I've seen.

Pretty cool follow up

A nice prologue to the 1st game. Story was smooth and had a nice flow to the game that the first game didn't have. As for gameplay, it changes up a bit now that we don't have barricades (story mode) on and we can run, jump, skip and frolic all over the place whilst being attacked on both sides which got a bit annoying at times. Giant bat moves a lil buggy like he freezes at certain spots and hangs upside down suspended until you empty your arsenal on him. All in all it was a 'neat' game. Doesn't have anything outstanding or memorable to its name though.