Reviews for "Days 2 Die-The Other Side"

Aw, that ending was a bit of a killjoy. Very nicely done, and i loved how to beat the tank you practically had to be right up against it.

I can see bits and pieces where it could be improved a bit (at the beginning, i was stupid enough to waste all the ammo i had on grinding and was forced to defend the guy with my knife...), but overall is a great game.

you've learned from your mistakes somewhat, there is more room to roam and zombies are easier to kill. the first one sucked. this one is an improvement but still sucks. maybe you should try implementing a different genre.

xD3MoNiKiNGZx Kid this is more like old resident evil on the playstation, same searching same name weapons example starting weapon is always a berreta 9mm, this is nothing like Left 4 dead 2 and the boss can be killed you just suck at playing.... (Great Game)

bs i use the 50 cal avoid half his attks hit him a doven times wth 50 cal and an ak yet he still kills me wat do i need to get tht mini gun or tht mg to kill him

Wow.Sad ending.Sequel again please!