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Reviews for "8-Bit Shooter"

pretty alright

cool game brah. The only thing that pissed me of was the music...kind of annoying but other than that...the game was pretty awesome.

pretty decent

it was fun, brought me back to the good old days, reminds me a lot of duck hunt =). though i was surprised by the dificulty, it started of easyer than hell on the first lvl to "now its interseting" on the second, to "holy crap how do i beat this" on the last. fun little time waster is my judgement.


but can be better!

Aint Bad Aint too Good Either

Just like the old 8-bit games but it gets old and repetative real fast the first 2 levels are a breeze and then the third was a tough one.... anyway i couldnt make any better so well done

8bit bore

got bored straight away, much better shooters out there.
Though for the simplicity of it, and the fact i kept playing to get a score ill put the rating up abit.