Reviews for "Recursive"


emfd..... akdd1..... muss3st stoppp...... ugngnnnm.... seizures..... ammess.... too many flahing siness.... agnangna//...123

A Very Good Flash Movie(Headache included)

Let Me Explain My Rating For This:

Graphics: kicked ass in fluid motion

Sound: kicked ass and fit in with Graphics

Interactivity: well, it messes you up, is that interactivity or what?

Style: very, very, unique

Violence: It would kill a person real quick if they had real bad epilepsy, and it gave me a damn headache, is that violence enough?

Humor: if you saw someone having a seizure from this, you know you'd be laughin your ass off

Overall: I'm feeling nice today and I think Armegalo did a real nice job


Truly a work of art i thank you so much

simply amazing

i always love seeing things like this. sure i love games like wrathII and shit. but this kinda thing always leaves me with my mouth wide open in awe. thanks, and please keep up the good work.


that was an amazing flash movie i dont have epilepsy and i feel sorry for the people who do because they cannot experience this amazing flash it made my eyes cros and my vision blur i concentrated so hard an image pops up and leaves in the blink of an eye, this is my new screensaver and will be until you make a flash of greater quality (which will be VERY tough) and i await what i see from you in the future