Reviews for "Recursive"


emfd..... akdd1..... muss3st stoppp...... ugngnnnm.... seizures..... ammess.... too many flahing siness.... agnangna//...123

A Very Good Flash Movie(Headache included)

Let Me Explain My Rating For This:

Graphics: kicked ass in fluid motion

Sound: kicked ass and fit in with Graphics

Interactivity: well, it messes you up, is that interactivity or what?

Style: very, very, unique

Violence: It would kill a person real quick if they had real bad epilepsy, and it gave me a damn headache, is that violence enough?

Humor: if you saw someone having a seizure from this, you know you'd be laughin your ass off

Overall: I'm feeling nice today and I think Armegalo did a real nice job

Damn. Just damn.

That was really cool; made me think.


that was an amazing flash movie i dont have epilepsy and i feel sorry for the people who do because they cannot experience this amazing flash it made my eyes cros and my vision blur i concentrated so hard an image pops up and leaves in the blink of an eye, this is my new screensaver and will be until you make a flash of greater quality (which will be VERY tough) and i await what i see from you in the future

That was... creepy...

I was just shivering, waiting for some bloody, satonic picture and blood-curtiling scream, but it didn't happen.
Thank you.
Very much.