Reviews for "Recursive"

Well, for something psychedelic, it wasn't that surreal. I guess I'm just used to stuff like this from you. It was better than most other entries in the series. Maybe it could have used color. It seemed like an ink blot test in motion. I wish I could be subject to one of those.

I love how you write your name. It looks like Japanese text. It's certainly creative. You deserve a Daily Feature. Pity it's mostly forgotten now.


Wow man, that was deep. Somehow I really liked it... if I had no control or sensibility I could have sat and watched that forever, does it go on froever? It looks as if it should, or could. Anyways, the imagery was great, everything was just so well done. Beautiful in a creepy way. Enter the abyss...


unless im missing something.... all this animation was, was the same thing over and over and over again. i waited a good 4-5 minutes to see if it got any different and then i just quit watching it.


that hurts my brain, stop showing it . . . what, ohh it never ends. It keeps repeating (I think)

Guess what?

The human mind can process 8 images a second i think...