Reviews for "Recursive"

Like booty dance, only fuckin trippy.

Loved it. I gave it two for interactivity and two for violence because your mind gets fucked by it. It took me a little bit to realize what was going on, then it all clicked and that's why I like it so much. Real art is anything that stirs up/changes your emotions. So when angry people are pissed about crosses being dipped in ratshit, it may be offensive, but it's still art. You rock.


I'm not sure what the message was, but the whole movie interacted with me in some way, it felt like my head was going to explode, that was a great film, keep it up Armegalo!


Very cool!!! Nice work!!! Keep it up!!!


emfd..... akdd1..... muss3st stoppp...... ugngnnnm.... seizures..... ammess.... too many flahing siness.... agnangna//...123


That was... BEAUTIFUL. I haven't been to bed in about..oh..18 hours, yea I'm a little tired... but oh man that was great. W0W.