Reviews for "Recursive"

it wuz kewl

keep it up

A Very Good Flash Movie(Headache included)

Let Me Explain My Rating For This:

Graphics: kicked ass in fluid motion

Sound: kicked ass and fit in with Graphics

Interactivity: well, it messes you up, is that interactivity or what?

Style: very, very, unique

Violence: It would kill a person real quick if they had real bad epilepsy, and it gave me a damn headache, is that violence enough?

Humor: if you saw someone having a seizure from this, you know you'd be laughin your ass off

Overall: I'm feeling nice today and I think Armegalo did a real nice job

very nice

looks great and the music is cool. pitty it dont acually go anywere and a tad repetative

What the heck was that!?

that had great animarion but it was stupid!

Mind fuck

It reminded me of when the psychiatrists show me the blotches of ink and ask me what I see. I think I saw Richard Nixon somewhere in your movie. However, my head didn't almost explode like the other guy, but it was more relaxing and spiritual for me. Cool beans.