Reviews for "Recursive"

WHEN'S IT OVER!?!?!?!?!?!?

Is there a point to this confusing crap!? I'm still watching it!


Think I brained my damage!


What the fuck are you trying to do to people?


Repetitive as hell. Hate black and white words flashing so fast you can't begin to figure out what the hell they are. When you do, you find it's not even a sentence, just a bunch of random words. Became temporarily blind by the retarded black and white flashing the same images over and over and over to the same beat, which is as repetitive as the visual. Waste of time unless you want to force yourself to go cross-eyed for about a day.


What the fuck was that? Why the hell is this so the daily? It's just a bunch of loops. Gives you a headache. No plot. The only thing thats going for it is the mind numbing trance type music. Screw this shit