Reviews for "Recursive"


damn dude this is great i had dreams bout it!! so badass

That.......was so.........fucking......cool

this fucking rocks, i love it, awesome work, keep it up this is the greatest


i think i got a seizure from watching that....i've never had a seizure in my life!

Must. . . go. . . watch. . . "Aliens". . .

Thanks, now I have this added on top of my whole rectal spinnerette problem. . . THWIP!

i believe you mean, "i bamaged my drain"

well, to say that that was crazy would be an understatement. None the less, i liked it a lot. It the kinda flash movie you could watch for hours, particuallary cause you don't know where it ends or begins again :) *i feel vitim to that, i ended up watching it for about 7 minutes*

The graphics were damn cool (a little too repeditive though, hence the 8).

The sound was decent, it really set the mood of the movie.

The style was highly unorthadox, and wonderful :)

in the end, super cool.