Reviews for "Recursive"


Truly a work of art i thank you so much


That was truly a psychedelic experience. Highly confusing, and really really shiny. My pupils are still trying to recover from it all.


Don't wach this while on any drug, I nearly fell out of my chair!

I give you a 5 and this stuff sux

The only reason I gave you a 5 is because i like Wrath 2 Wrath Wrath:overkill, and Johnny Corprate your other stuff should all go to hell Recursive is good too but Spark, the stupid butterfly, And both of the particle Psycosis things all suck make more wrath and Johnny Corprate stuff (Idea) Mix Wrath and Johnny Corprate to make ( God hates Lying Corporations) In Authors Comments put: (God has sent you to kill the Corprate Bastards and you have to kill all lying corprate Business Managers with in lets say 20 minutes. God will give you the power to fly faster than light itself to get all the Bastards with-in 20 minutes. If you fail and Do not kill the Corporation Managers with-in the 20 minute time frame he will send you to hell where Satan will personally make you part of his orgy with the evilest Bastards in the World. If you dont want Fire in your ass i'd do it and Quick!)Id make it but I cant work Flash.

How long is that damn thing????

Anyway,that wuz pretty damn trippy.i liked it.it portraied a good message.G.J.(good job)