Reviews for "Recursive"

just a little something

"but in a good way like the movie Donnie Darko"
I completly agree man, its really umm mine blowing, to bad you don't have this for a higher res screen, i'd watch this on full screen or set it up as my screen saver!


im still watching it while im writing god how long is this......... anyways this and its a total mind fuck .........but in a good way like the movie Donnie Darko even tought its just random ink blots of shapes and stuff its really weaird like it reaches out and like touches u or somethin its hard to decide but im a thinker and thats y im still rambling on about it so anyways its a good film for people of the mind its weird experience love ur work

mmpphh gurgle..... gasp.

agagggg ummm good..... *foams at mouth and falls off chair in epilectic shoky goodness*

That was... creepy...

I was just shivering, waiting for some bloody, satonic picture and blood-curtiling scream, but it didn't happen.
Thank you.
Very much.


that was an amazing flash movie i dont have epilepsy and i feel sorry for the people who do because they cannot experience this amazing flash it made my eyes cros and my vision blur i concentrated so hard an image pops up and leaves in the blink of an eye, this is my new screensaver and will be until you make a flash of greater quality (which will be VERY tough) and i await what i see from you in the future