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Reviews for "Hawaiian Puppies"

Cute and Wonderful

I gotta say the background is astonishing and the characters look great too except they're not that detailed like the background, but for a younger audience just perfect. A cute story with unique characters, lovely music and a sweet ending. No mistakes in the perspective or animation. You did a great job! I got nothing to complain about. Simply a success. 10/10 5/5 for your main audience.


The baby of that dragon was sooooo cute,especially when it was dancing and good voicing.

This is a flash movie?

No this should not be defined as a flash movie. But more like something you would see on Saturday morning cartoons. What a great flash movie for are kids today. Great movement with the characters and the background is awesome! I also love the voice acting. Hawaiian Puppies should be taken too like a major network and be shown too the entire world then just newgrounds. You have so much potential then just making flashes on newgrounds. If I was your I would take your skill to the next level and go professional and take your voice actors with you. I hope too see more in the near future. Great job!


I loved the dancing puppies, and the backgrounds were beautifully done; very fluid, too. Nice work.


The art in this animation was exquisite and the characters were super cute. The music was very good (big fan of the old grey mare). But on some negative feedback:
1) the dragon Aqua's voice was kind of hard to make out at the start, but did get gradually better.
2) the Hawaiian Puppies got no credit for teaching the little water dragon to dance.
3) WTF is with the bats trying to sleep at Night?
But honestly through all my negative criticism this was an excellent animation and I am glad I watched it. ty :)