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Reviews for "Hawaiian Puppies"


you should make a series

if i was younger.....

i would be crazy about this.... if i was 6. thats not an insult. i would be over this

like a fat guy on a cupcake, so im judging this from those innocent eyes.

however, the fact that i have to do that takes it down from 10 to 9. also, you

would be pretty successful elsewhere i think. you just need to find your

audience. this is a website that just had "madness day",

a day that even out of context is a horrid, malicious, vile, cruel, unapologetic,

nasty, foul (I've gone and run out of synonymous) thing that is in no possible

way something remotley related to this flash. if you could find a website with,

oh, cupcake day, that would be perfect. good luck


P.S. this review is freakin long!

HawaiianPuppies responds:

Thanks for the fair and balanced review. And I think the fact this is on a website that just had Madness Day makes it stand out a bit.

not my thing.

but im a fair judge. the animation was very good, but the voice acting was painful. sorry.


Not exactly the kind of thing I'm into, but it was very well animated, thought out, and original. Therefore, 5/5 and 10/10.


i loved the animation, the two headed bat thing is a little weird but its original, i loved the music too. over all this is soooo cute<3