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Reviews for "Hawaiian Puppies"

Ah Memories...

It reminded me of Fern Gully, man, I don't care if this is pointed towards a younger audience I loved it.

Very well made, excellent execution.

Shit son, this was the funk with some oh-dizzies on the wackness.
Proper flash, son. Proper flash.

Amazing, only one thing though

Everything about this was done beyond what would be considered a normal flash video. But one thing that bothered me but did not necessarily ruin the video is the transition between certain scenes. I am pretty sure you are aware of these urself, but for points like bringing in the song, where they are on a tree branch towards the end of the song, and the beginning of night. Each one of these have a transition that seems to come in a static fashion where as it would have probably been better to use a smooth transition into those scenes. Were you trying to meet a specific time span possibly?

amazing concept

the two headed character reminds me of dragontales, but it seemed to be aimed for the 3-5 range I guess, a little young for newgrounds of all places, but I hope to see more, It was somewhat predictable, but it had good length. A little chunky at parts

Good concept, a little predictable though.

Probably the first time I've seen a two-headed bat, & each head having it's own personality. As for the animation, it's beautiful. It's smooth, fluidly goes from motion to motion, and the backgrounds are gorgeous. Plot wise, while not lacking in original characters, was pretty predictable to anyone over the age of 7 from the middle onward. Which makes this perfect for anyone in that demographic (yeah, in case you can't tell I'm in agreement with 22bears in many areas). As for the voice acting, it's definitely above average sound quality wise. The water spirit (Is Aqua his name?) however, sounds a tad forced. Still, all in all this is pretty well polished and really does look like a short you'd see on the Disney channel or something. Plus that song is really catchy. =P

Great work, but just the tiniest bit rough around the edges. 5/5, 9/10 for the roughness.