Reviews for "anormal day"


good plot but animation is... kinda.... weird

diogoshx responds:

yeah you have right on that

Not bad

pretty simple in design but amusing

diogoshx responds:

hm interresting, glad you find it funny

Were you on drugs?

Quite insane... needs better art and animation...

diogoshx responds:

yeah of course... i will do better next time


srry but this movie just isn't funny and doesn't make any sens
your sound was bad and graphics had totaly no perspective
and the movie was rascist

diogoshx responds:

rascist why? there is no way of that
the movie is simbolic, the sounds well, i have seen worst
graphics bad (just different because every action on it i had to draw...)

pretty gud

alot of different styles in this movie and i ike them all

diogoshx responds:

thanks i wanted to do a different animation...