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Reviews for "Procrastinating Homework"


Nice movie

loved it

mimics of that kid was hilarious :D

I also have artwork that im procrastinating atm

Hey dude what you should do is..... ah nevermind ill tell you later.

:D Not bad. Would have liked to see just one color in there. Like the color red or something and his ipod is red and mickey mouse is wearing something red....etc. Like in Sin City with the yellow guy or Letters from Iwo Jima with the blood.

Nice art. I likes

ComissarGramsci responds:

Yeah I am planning in future efforts to colourise them.
Cheers though :)


dude u rock...this is exactly what i do... find out the due date(right i have two weeks) leave it for the night before...have the books infront of me xept i end up making up an excuse the next morning anyway (%u2563

ComissarGramsci responds:

Respect for the procrastinator

good job

like it a lot but don't realy got it untill i looked up the word procrastinating

ComissarGramsci responds:

we all do it..!