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Reviews for "Procrastinating Homework"


I liked his facial expressions in the begining they made me laugh the rest of it was well puke in a can waiting to be opened

ComissarGramsci responds:

Thanks I guess..
For the 7

very funny

its both funny/annoying that I do the EXACT same things...practically in that order. nice animation. ten stars for you.


Animation was really cute. Like Guido said, the animation on the screen could've been done better, but the names made me laugh out loud--especially the phone. And the awesome face? Priceless.

like me

Pretty good example of what people do when they don't want to do anything. I always do that, so it's very funny for me. Nice job.
P.S. I'm procastinating too :D

ComissarGramsci responds:

Hooray for the procrastinators!

Great movie

Kinda funny, and ironic in it's own way... Heck, I am willing to bet some people are procrastinating, by watching this move on procrastination!
(Answer 1. Why Not?)