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Reviews for "Sista Gunner Update"

Nice art but,

The art was great and the merc thing provides some reason for being there.

Usually I like endless hordes of zombies but this game get pretty boring after about 5-10 minutes. The reload mechanic makes the game too easy since you can instantly reload your weapon. I suggest a delay.

As other people have stated there should be stages/goals that you can achieve so you feel there is some point to this. Giving us something to accomplish makes the game more fun.

What is the point of shooting the zomibes in the head if they still come after you! Please make head shots worth something.


This game gets old really quick. Its way to repetitive. Overall its a good game, it has a decent story line and has potential.


This game fails pretty hard. Instantly I was attacked by 3 zombies before even being able to get my mouse to the right part of the screen to shoot them. Also, theres no way to know a zombie is coming. It just does. 2 or 3 at a time is kind of a problem. Overall I wouldnt say this game is up to newgrounds standards.. -.-


I'm not sure if the new reload mechanics hurt or help. It's definitely nicer than having to move the mouse to click, but now you can't reload when you've got bullets left. (I can't remember from the previous version- but I could have sworn you could hit reload at any time, not just when you were empty.)

These kinds of simple point-and-click shooters would also work beautifully on the Wii. Toss the remote into one of those gun-lookin' holders and you've almost got a light-gun shooter goin' on.

Your artwork on all your submissions is beautiful. I look forward to see how this turns out with the updates, and a storyline.


whats the point of making a game that is impossible to beat or complete i would like to see a point where the game ends or moves on to a second level. endless enemy games are outdated and it is just lazy on the part of the programmer/designer.