Reviews for "A Bear Trap Mishap"


Loved it. dont see much comedy any more that isnt crude! plus i scrolled down to write a erview when it finished and next i hear is someone getting beat up! was 'C'weet!

Short and sweet

Short, sweet, to the point. Good flash, good pun and great punchline. This is the kind of flash that proves you can tell a good joke quickly and you dont need to stretch it out. 10/10 5/5

Surprising, and classic!

dude, that was mad funny! at first he caught the beard and looked at the box; it said beard trap. then he gave a light laugh. it showed the ending credits for a moment, then went back and he was getting attacked by a bear! XD did not see that coming! hilarious man! 10/10!


very funny

very oldschool

funny as hell