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Reviews for "Super Meat Boy (intro)"

ah the old times of 2009 when i was 12...Glad i dont have to relive that anymore. anyway,I got this game and it is AWSOME I even make My Own Comics(55 or more pieces of Paper with tape and Pencil)about Super meat Boy's Real Identity,(I dont really want to say it is but maybe you will like it)Max Daniels that was Accidently Pushed into a Huge pot of Stake and Meat when He was Shrunken by his Friend,Richard Gleemings and turned into a Meat-Orgasm,known as,"SUPER MEAT BOY"!and Bandage girl was made from a Scientist known as Dr.Mishleitz's(later becomes Gish from being infected by one of his own Projects)Daughter named Tully Mishleitz's Body that was beaten so badly in high school that she had to wear over 350,000 Bandages but one of Dr.Mishleitz's Creations Spat Acid Goo(Very Sticky and Harmful) onto her bandage then the acid goo started to make Tully's Bandage's Stick to Her Skin So Hard it Became her skin.that's how "BANDAGE GIRL" was made. BlueBaby I know everything should be wrong so tell me if its wrong or not later on. anyway, Good Flash!

you should make a PC downloadable chapter 1 (with Lil´ Slugger)

Bluebaby Is The Master Of Games! He Made Some Of The Best Games EVER!!!

never gets old

Masterfull piece of work