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Reviews for "How Not To Make A Comic"

Reminds me of some thing I have seen else where

It kind of reminds me of how a few webcomic creators put up like a UStream or some thing that shows what they are doing when they are making the comic sort of. For that I went ahead and suggested it to the funny cartoons. I did not find the easter egg, but then again, I didn't exactly look at much more than the animation. It is a little rough, but I know I would probably do a stick figure version that butchered the mind and left behind a gaping hole of "WTFH was that piece of crap?". All in all, its a pretty good joke/parody of webcomics and comics every where. I might go looking for some of you three's other works.

Assios responds:

Hehe, if you want to see the easter egg, look for something unusual at the credit screen ;) And thanks for the review, glad you liked it ^^


This video did have its pro's and con's. Here a very convenient list of pros and cons for you! :D

Pros: Good drawing. Crude but funny humor. A cool easter egg.
Cons: Short, A long pause between the title and when the drawing actually begins. Too long time to actually draw the characters (Next time speed up the frame).

Other than that nice job. I can't say its a 5/5 but you will get at least a 4. Congrats! :D

Assios responds:

Thanks for the good review ^^ Glad you liked the easter egg.

Regarding the pause between the title and when the drawing begins, I agree with you. I think I'll add some notes on that part, while he talks.

Thanks again.

it was so good i cried

nice drawings and voiceing

Assios responds:

You cried? Nice! ;D And thaanks

f@#k this im gonna go masterbate

Lol that was actally a quite funny little flash submission.

Assios responds:

Haha, thanks, glad you liked it ;)


That was pretty cool, even though it was kinda short. i found the easter egg, too! :D
Good job on this animation, and your friend did a good job at voice acting!

Assios responds:

Yeah, he's an awesome voice acter. And thanks!