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Reviews for "How Not To Make A Comic"


Great animation and voice acting ;D

Giving it a 10/10 because of the easter egg :D

Assios responds:

Haha thank you<3

good punch line

and aww! that easter egg's nasty! lol

Assios responds:

Hahah, yes it is

Funny in a clever way.

I like the idea of how an inside-jokes can be viewed on flash. Its really funny and also ironic that some people tend to be the same way as in the joke itself. lol

Yeah, some people unfortunately tend to become inspired to do something creative like comics in one moment and then the next moment..
..Well, you get the idea.

Assios responds:

Hahah, yeah, that's how it is ;P The thing here is that the guy who draws the characters gets distracted by the woman he draws, and then, yeah... ;)

Thanks for the review!


great drawing and i like the side kick

Assios responds:

Thanks, glad you liked the side kick :3


nice ) i have found the easter egg lulz !

Assios responds:

Good! ;D