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Reviews for "How Not To Make A Comic"

Funny stuff

A great piece of vocal material, but it could be enhanced by a couple of key additions - you've gone on about having a plot that all fits together, so I'd have expanded it to an angle behind the artist - show the spotty kid drawing this comic and then from there, you can cut to the comic book for when he'd drawing. You can cheat on the animation, by having it set as the computer screen, but just make a mouse pointer over the drawing, to show it's being drawn on the screen, for example.

When it comes to the punchline (see what I did there ;) ), why not set the screen, so that he minimises Flash or Photoshop and opens a google search for porn. That would seem like a better. If you're having him go from drawing board to computer screen, it would work just as well, but you need to get a sound for the chair rolling across the floor, just as one of the little details that make a piece complete.

[Review Request Club]

Assios responds:

I thought of expanding it by showing the character draw the comic, but I just wanted to make a short flash, so I didn't :P

And I like your idea for the punchline, would've been funny, but I didn't think about it as I pictured him drawing the comic on a paper and not on a computer.

Thanks for your review! ^^

Starts off really slow

Now, this one starts off really slow and I was wondering why everyone was giving out such high scores. Then the flash slowly speed up a bit and the punchline really caught me by surprise. It was a pretty funny punchline as well.

The easter egg is all right and it's a "nice little extra", heh.

Still I think the drawing sequences could be sped up a bit. Right now there's no reason why I should this again. I would to have sit through the long winded drawing sequences again for the (enjoyable) punchline again.

{ Review Request Club }

Assios responds:

I agree, it starts very slow, but I didn't know a way to "fix" it, I thought of maybe writing some notes in the beginning, before he starts drawing... I already sped up the drawing sequences from 24fps to 44 fps :P But yeah, it's kinda slow, especially in the beginning...

Thanks! :)

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation ~

The animation of the writing was very smooth. It really doesn't get that much better animation wise in a FBF such as this one. It was almost like you were recording the screen as you actually drew it.

~ Graphics ~

Pretty good artwork all around. I've seen the paper background/comic/drawing flash so many times, but it is still one of my favorites to watch visually on the site.

You are great a drawing and there really isn't anything to critique in this section of the review either. O.o

~ Content ~

At first I didn't like where the flash was going. Then you added the sweet essence of surprise with the tasty nature of humor to go alone with it. The boob joke on the side kick made me laugh and then the ending made me lol a bit as it was just the best thing that could have possible happened in this submission. Humor was awesome.

~ Audio ~

I didn't like the voice at first either because I just thought it was someone trying to act like a nerd too much. It kind of grew on me in the short amount of time that the submission lasted though. The sound effects that you used sounded great.

~ Overall ~

A good laugh along with good audio and graphics. That's enough to get a 10 out of me any day. Easter egg was alright, I was expecting funnier though. I had a hard time finding it so I had to cheat with the tab button. :P

~ Review Request Club ~

Assios responds:

Sorry for the late respond, I was away for the last week.

Anyways, thanks for a great review, and thanks for the 10! I'm glad you noticed the smoothness of the writing-animation. The flash runs at 44 fps, wanted to make it as realistic as possible ^^ And the easter egg was just a thing I added like 10min before I submitted it, so it could probably be funnier ;P

Thanks again for the great review, you're one of the best reviewers on NG!

hehe great!

Awwwwwwesome! Voice acting = Superb! :D Especially the special bit at the end Benny my Boy! haha :) Great animation as well. :) nicely done!

Assios responds:

Haha thaanks ;D

Big boobs deserve...

... a big 10!

Assios responds:

Aww, thx :D