Reviews for "Zelda's Storm OoT"

Beautiful. Would fit perfectly in a new Legend of Zelda!
You really like this song, don't you? That's not the first time you did a remix of song of storm.
I love your work, go on!

VGSongbird responds:

Lol actually it is the first time I've done a Song of Storms remix ^_^

Interesting take on Zelda music, as I am soo used to hearing dubstep, metal, techno, and rock remixes of the various Zelda games...

Very mellow, mind easing, and that ever so welcomed nostalgic feeling welcomed by millions of gamers around the world! Why couldn't Nintendo, Sega, and Sony use music like this for our all time favorite games!!!?

Absolutely AMAZING!!!! 10/10 5/5!!!!!

VGSongbird responds:

I wish they would! Then I could make $$ doing what I love!! XD

Thanks for listening!

I love how ethereal this mashup is, and having the themes interact with each other gives a certain playfulness while still being serious. There's definitely a sense of nostalgia and fantasy. Truly beautiful work.

VGSongbird responds:

Thanks ^_^ that's a wonderful review.

I found your music through youtube, and I'm honestly surprised that all your music doesn't have millions of views, it's the best remix/original music I've ever heard. It always stays true to the original, yet you somehow improve it past what it used to be. Keep being awesome.

VGSongbird responds:

Lol nope. Too much of a n00b for millions. But I'm hoping soon!

Thanks for reviewing.

Very nice :o

VGSongbird responds:

^_^ Thanks