Reviews for "Pencilmation #9"


Very nice animation, once again. It was really different than the other episodes, it's not my personal favorite, but still I like it, 'cause it's Pencilmation.
Oh, and the jazz music is really good, that is something I really like and you should keep doing for future episodes.


The mail-man and phone ringing i the wedding... very funny!

loved it

i remember the first few and it was all about you tormenting a poor little guy now youve got these story lines which are just ass good and sometimes better than the first. love the upgrade but i would like to see the guy from the first one again to fall before you relentless tourment


Its so Funny Hahaha lolz

Quite Enjoyable

Very funny, and certainly cute. It would seem that you're taking the series in a different direction than I had assumed, so it's about time I stopped looking at them through the lens of "Well I would have done it this way..." :) I would have kept up the whole throwing sticks into perilous situations thing, but you've of course gone for a story-driven route, and you are indeed quite good at spinning a charming little yarn.

I enjoyed the new music, and I liked the use of the pages to tell the story. I found the story quite relatable, and it also moved at a nice pace along the way to keep me interested and guessing where it would end up. And of course the ending was lovely. :D My only ciriticism is something I've whined about before, and surely will again :P, and that's for a little more interaction from the artist character. I thought its interaction in this one was quite fitting and progressed the story well, but I still wish we had seen a bit more.

Anyway, very good job as always, and I look forward to more!