Reviews for "Back to the Cubeture 1"

I had to put f*ckface for taking down padrino. Lol best game ever.

I don't get why everyone cant beat the legendary horseman. I bet him when I was 8.
really fun game. great humour and graphics

I liked the game so far until I reached the "legendary" horseman, the guy is almost impossible to beat; I've pressed the space button the best I could but in the end he just went right past me like I wasn't even moving. IMO you went too over the top with this horseman, unless you slow him down its almost impossible to beat him without breaking my finger.

Hello and i am your Ultimate NoobLol.Awesome game dude

Hello Cuboy it's thizizcool,your ultimate reviewer friend!
The game was probably the best.Cuboy was funny.The "gunshot" scene was cool too.And I was just wondering if Cube world will be a "gta" style.