Reviews for "@@englishclock Vs Trickyc"

My god, there is some plot... I think

This piece could have done with subtitles. A few more subtle attempts to round off this animation and you're talking serious consideration for one of the better flash that gets landed on the portal during Clock Day.

I actually found that there were some quite funny bits in there - the sipping tea, before throwing it over Tricky, the infinite pie dispensing prana that Tricky uses and the settling the piece like men at the end all raised a smile. Get yourself a subtitles bar across the bottom with an easily readable font in Black and white, so that people can understand what it going on. Then consider either heading for Speakonia or getting a better quality voice acting job, because I couldn't understand what was going on.

Finally, the artwork needs a tweak - colour within the lines. This doesn't make the fight scene any worse, but it does look pretty poor to start with. Getting over that hurdle is a major thing that you want to work towards.

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pure sexual bliss to my eyes. the visual intercourse of blatant eye teasing horny sexeffex.
your intense animation skills will be the end of me.

EnglishClock responds:

dude be careful you're getting eye semen in my salad

Animation is too choppy.

If you make the animation smoother the next time around you'll get a better score. The voice acting was kind of funny.


EnglishClock's film is beautifully shot (his slow-mo sequences are stunning), engaging, funny, and more importantly F-U-N. If you're looking for a movie that has it all, #[@][@]!!! ENGLISHCLOCK VERSUS TRICKYCLOCK !!!#[@][@] is a season pass worth picking up.

EnglishClock responds: