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Reviews for "EnV - Uprise"

Hello again from Maine! This is awesome as I suspected! Mastering is brilliant, and transitions: I would say should be a tad more subtle, but this really fits with your style, so no complaints from me. You are pumping out quite a few songs, and they are all just epic. I love the vibrating synth in the chorus there, just one of those little parts of the chorus you look forward to.
Great song, great artist.
Never give up on this, because you are great.
Hope to see you around sometime.

Envy responds:

I struggled with transitions on this one and in that aspect I think i may have rushed through to finish this song a bit. I wanted to finish it before the ol' writers block kicked in you see. Listening to the same song over and over and over and over and over makes you hate said song very quickly.

Hope you're staying warm!

Your New Hampshirite friend,


I love you Envy...

Envy responds:

Oh god, I didn't want to say anything as to not make anyone jealous but... I love you too.

Man i could listen to this stuff for all eternity keep up the good work

why is this so damn good

Smooth, catchy