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Reviews for "EnV - Uprise"

Great music Envy like it
1: Firefrost
2:Uprise (this)
5: Heaven Ng 2 mix)

Like the sound.. have not heard it such a long time.. it's awesome
(but also awesome player script!)

This song is awesome, especially in Geometry Dash. Nice job Envy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I first heard this song on an impossible level in Geometry Dash, I liked the first bit, so I followed the link and ended up here. I listened to it. It. Was. Awesome! Undoubtedly the best non vocal piece of music I've ever heard. It combines loud, electronic and dance music to make the best piece. Love the start and how it is incorporated into the rest of the song. Hats off to you, well done Envy. Also, how is this an Avicii tag?

Best song ever made from you,ever! You need to make a sequel to this, I can use this for a game with heaven road 2 and paladin.