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Reviews for "EnV - Uprise"

Epic song, great job on yet another amazing track.

We're all revolutionaries at heart, we fight the power, oppose the majority, we make sure our voice is heard. I learned this during the war, the civillians, although fearing for their lives helped us. When I dropped in three kilometers off the rest of my squad, they gave me shelter in their town. When the opposition came rolling in, the rebels fought tooth and nail with everything from kitchen knives to bats. And when the dust settled, the rebels stood proudly. Hours later, my squad arrived in the town with the intention of liberating it, what they didn't expect was to be greeted by a legion of guerilla rebels, all smiling and waving. I still remeber that moment in my dreams, when my squad came in, expecting to find me dead and the village oppressed, but instead, we turned the village into a bona fide fortress, and the town started a revolution across the country. That was the day I realized that revolution was just a fire of hope awaiting the spark of uprising...

Awesomesauce song, brought to mind an epic story that I needed to let flow. (The entire story is fictional). I would just like to say that your songs are beautifully crafted. There is an audio artist who has your kind of potential, if you don't know of him already, his name is Xemento Xek. I highly recommend you listen to some of his songs, preferably his song Remeber.

Your friendly (and insane) reviewer, Cafaling

Envy responds:

Fantastic story :3


I'm surprised by the quality of this song. Great job.

Envy responds:


Insulted, but in love with you.

YES! I've been waiting for song to hear the final product, progressing from RPM, to a teaser and finally this masterpiece! EnV mein Freund, this is amazing beyond words. The beats, the bass, the accelerations where the main beat reveals itself through an array of masterfully composed sounds, all amount to an astounding piece. You earned a title among the greats, please accept my regards from the bottom of my heart.

My Prescription: Nothing major needs to be fixed, it seems you've rummaged through this a time or two because there are only minute things that could use fixing. I suppose that opinion is generated in part because of my acquiescence with RPM and the teaser you released, so I suppose I was expecting to hear the same song throughout, but this, this is something much greater.

The Doctor

Envy responds:

I don't speak German, but I'm assuming mein freund means "have my babies"

So yes. Yes I will have your babies.

Again with that happy vibe, bro, I love it!
And what the hell is cucumber doing in the tags? That's just crazy, man.
Hey, I don't feel like skimming right now, so I'll just ask and hope you answer, have you ever tried something that's mostly Classical, but with a bit of Dance tossed in the mix? I'd love to hear that in your style.

Envy responds:

Uhhhh, when does cucumber NOT belong in the tags?

I'd LOVE to try a classical dance song. However, I don't have the right tools to accomplish this. Orchestral vsts/actual orchestras that I hire to write me a kickass song are very expensive.