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Reviews for "EnV - Uprise"

EnV, I can imagine you playing this in a club in front of hundreds of people. Dunno if anybody else would agree, but I can imagine that

Wow, the lowest rating in a review was 4 stars. Good job

Wow, Just wow. I love this song, great job! I really appreciate the hard work you put into this, I even put it in my Geometry Dash level! (If your wondering my id is 12398208, I will make updates very soon) I love everything about this song! Nothing bad about it. I especially like it because of the work into graduating into the main chorus and the time it calms down.Thank you so much for this song!

This has got to be WAY up there mixed in with the beetles you've made. You sir, are a true GENIUS.

It's an amazing song!!!(^_^)