Reviews for "Nintendo Story ep 4"

it was really funny

i like the gameboy insert that was funny. i liked your editor's voice for kirby outtake.

Gustavos responds:

Some of my favorite parts when making this movie.


that was soo funny XD

and metanight answer more that 3 questions

i will answer 2 of your questions....

why not three...?

no... thats retarted.

coming from a peer.
this is amazing.



Gustavos responds:


That was really cool!

Im gonna make a story like yours! lol
You've inspired me! :)


Gustavos responds:

Hahaha, you know what series inspired me? Perfect Kirby. Look it up, it's fantastic!

Great improvement!

Your getting better and better each episode :]. This one was nicely done and the jokes were funny as well, especially links part. i also enjoyed Kirby (obviously) since he was suppose to do be doing an important task but instead goes off plays pokemon..lol, really great, Gustavos :D

Gustavos responds:

Thanks a lot, buddy!