Reviews for "Nintendo Story ep 4"

not bad, really

animation is not bad, here are a few tips, i dont know if they will be useful for you, but i tried:
- if youre the only one who do voiceacting, try to change your voice more radically between the characters
- use different (or no) music in the beginning and ending, the music you used in that one is .. kind off.. dont know, not so good fitting
- you definitely overused colors in the main menu

Gustavos responds:

The music is off? It's Kirby! Come on we all love Kirby music!

Well fine, but I thought it fit nicely...

But I will improve my voice acting quality, of that you can be sure.

A series worth watching...

Looks like I might have to go back and watch the previous episodes of this piece, in order to get a grasp of what's going on.

Still, this is a nicely laid out piece, where the drawing of the characters is good, as you've taken sprites and made them into drawings of your own that you can animate properly.

I think that the plot does seem a little ambiguous in places, but I think that most people with common sense can work out that Link seems to be one of the people required to make up the six with Kirby, so it is panning out in the right direction.

A good looking series, I look forward to seeing more from you :)

[Review Request Club]

Gustavos responds:

Whoa, a guy from the Review Request Club reviewing a movie that wasn't requested in the thread??? Stop the presses!

Nah nah, I kid. You guys are cool. I remember you guys gave Episode 3 some feedback around 9 months ago. Thank you.

Yes, Link is, in fact, one of those six. The six guys who need to team up are the characters who all got sucked back into their worlds from the real world. The six guys shown last episode who suddenly dissapear.

I'll be sure to make this series something worth thinking twice about, you just watch!

pretty good

But u need to adjust sound. Even if ur using a cheap mic, u can do this:

Turn up the mic recording volume up high and adjust it so that when u speak at ur loudest, it almost hits the red. Whenever u record and the meter goes into the red, u are losing sound quality, because the recorder is clipping it off at that point.
Now that u have ur sound adjusted, record as close, loud, and as clear into the mic as possible. Then when ur ready to mix it, u can lower the volume and reduce that buzzing, background noise. (look up sound-to-noise ratio)
U should also record some audio with u talking n apply that as a room tone. This will help u have a consistent audio track, without the jarring silence when u cut the sound clip.

I hope this helps n i look forward to seeing ur future work.

Gustavos responds:

You know how to work audacity don't you? Let me try this out. See for myself what you're talking about.

* * *

I definitely get what you're talking about. And I do want the jarring silence gone as well as the annoying buzzing. Recording loud and putting the volume down afterwards is a neat trick I learned myself before, but never got around to making it a happen.

nice effort

animation was.... meh (still prettty sweet) it progressed pretty smoothly but I suggest trying to make a more accurate picture (link's nose etc.)

the voice acting I haf2 say was great by any flashes standards with good quality etc.

I laughed pretty hard when metaknight went "you now have 1 more question" or something. that was pretty clever scripting although he answered 4 questions so I don't really cii how u went with the whole 2 question thing.

otherwise great work hope to see more

Gustavos responds:

I don't quite know what you're talking about with the "4 questions" thing. But it doesn't matter. Thanks for the feedback!

That was really cool!

Im gonna make a story like yours! lol
You've inspired me! :)


Gustavos responds:

Hahaha, you know what series inspired me? Perfect Kirby. Look it up, it's fantastic!