Reviews for "Mini-Mizer"


it was an alright dress-up style with lego. many good options to it and a lot of the options for all of it looked pretty cool too. the backgrounds were alright, nothing too special, but the one thing that was missing in this one was audio. this one could've used some sort of sound.
overall, it was a fun game.


It wasn't that good. You could add sound, and more backgrounds. But all around it was a creative project. half way 5/10.

wow lego dressup...

theres no point in this crap watsoever.....how can you call this a game....jesus fuckin christ all mighty.....


dude this one of the best games on newgrounds!its funny and can be naughty.thanks spartan,lol.oh and i gave vader boobs

Yes i found the egg!

go to a waste of time thats clever then go to mizer at the bottom then go to full verzion then at the top it says "picture yourself in plastic" once you spot that, click on plastic, enjoy! This game is very interactive