Reviews for "Ruptured"

Hah! =D

You did a Pulp Fiction reference! Nice! ;D

Anyways, u got a very interesting style, and synced the animation very well to the music.
Anyways, u shoud have made a proper ending for your cartoon, that's all...
Keep it up!

Awesome sync

Image & sound

fantastic scribbles scribbley scrib scrib!!

You are my number one guy, whatever that means.
I particularly loved the shot where the briefcase slowly moved toward the window then he caught it just in time. That was some POWERFUL EDITING :O

MrScriblam responds:

distortion tool is credit to flash


Though I was not a particularly huge fan of the animation style, the animation itself was really awesome and very fluid. The story was a bit difficult to follow but I think I understood it, he wanted the briefcase? Anyway the song was really good despite what other people think, it did have harmony though the lyrics were not legible. But a lot of time music just needs a human voice, or a distorted human voice. Cool story,bro.

Ok animation, Bad music

The animation was nice and stylish. You also did a good job synching it to the music. But the music just plain sucked. I simply did not like the music at all. The lyrics was hard to hear, the music had no harmony.

MrScriblam responds:

hey motherfucker dont you talk shit about redm