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Reviews for "Ruptured"

only a minute

and what a minute it is. Great animation. You use the audio really well, especially the crashes at the very beginning, and your style just seems to fit for it. I can't tell you why; it just works.

Motion is smooth and crisp. Style is great and original. The odd angles and shapes are fresh and unique, which adds a lot to it.

Definitely keep the form, but you can definitely branch out a bit, too. You've got a great taste in tunes and talent to animate; experiment with it a little.

...you motherfucking whale.

Loves it.

That has to be one of my favorite shorts. Geometric throwdown. Great song too "can someone get me some liquor?"

Neato bonito

I liked the combo on the brief case was BNS LVL. Nice touch. Overall, well done flash. High energy without being spastic. Music and animation coalesce into one yummy purple twinkie.


The sound quality wasn't all that great. I loved the animation style even though you need to "smoothen the edges" :) very nice concept overall ^^

Sweet style

Good choice of music and pace. Fresh style and fitting animation.
The transfers at start were a bit weird. The transition between brick wall and town was nice but after that him entering a room while actually getting in cab didnt feel right with the rest of the movie.

But good job on overal style it was really fresh and enjoyable to watch ;)