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Reviews for "Ruptured"

~ Review Request Club ~

Yes we know you didn't request your submission, but someone else recommended your submission for review and since we have the right to review whoever we want I guess your going to have to deal with it. :P

~ Animation/Graphics ~

(I've started to separate my animation/graphics section, but there wasn't much to critique separately so I put them together for this review)

The animation was pretty smooth for the most part. There really isn't much to comment on it really other then giving it praise. The graphics were very interesting and it's awesome that you have a original style that others don't use.

~ Content ~

Even though it was pretty short it told a pretty cool story, which went along with the audio that you used. Pretty intense and fast paced as well. I could see these characters being used in some mafia related series or flash submission. Maybe even a game of some sort.

~ Audio ~

I loved how the audio and the song went together quite well. I think the only problem, if you can even call it a problem, was that the voices were a tad bit hard to hear throughout the submission for me for some reason.

~ Overall ~

A pretty good submission. I wouldn't mind seeing these characters used in some sort of series and wouldn't have minded seeing a longer submission. You have a great style!

~ Review Request Club ~


I love it!
it has a great style and the music is capital.
it says the link to the album is broken though :C

10/10 & 5/5

MrScriblam responds:


Really good

While I couldn't find the Easter Egg, this was a really good piece. I love the pace of the music and the way that it all seems to flow around that. I love the way that you've written a plot that seems to have that intensity to match the pace, while also having a little intrigue mixed in.

Certainly an interesting animation / drawing style, but you've got a nice way of patching it all together and making things look good. Of all of the things that you could do to make this better (Not many at all, if I'm honest), I'd have concentrated on making the yellow guy walk better when he went into the casino. It looked like he was goose-stepping, which didn't look like your intention, so giving something else as the basis for that will help it to look better.

I love the facial expressions and the way the bag starts to float as the Nitrous engages. A little touch that does so much. Perhaps you could have done a little more with scenery passing by the windows, for example, but it's not something that too many people will pay attention to and lambaste you for.

A great piece and I certainly look forward to seeing more of your works :)

[Review Request Club]

Review request club

Graphics: well the graphics had a nice, simple and very unique touch your style of drawing things are incredily unique it kinda reminded me of an old styled picel game maybe. Even though the graphics where very nice there where just somethings there werent right like you couldnt see what was wroted on the signs
but maybe that wasnt that very important. There where also minor things there could have been edited better even thouh mostly people wouldnt find this its on the drivers blue face when he screams somewhere near his chin it turns a bit red for a nano second i know this is a minor fault and people wouldnt really see it but thats just me.

Plot: the plot really made no sense to me whatsoever but maybe thats how is supposed to be the only thing i could come up with is this "mysterious" suitcase which holds something important or i dun know. but this guy gets chased around town with this suitcase and ends up crashing his car... that made no sense but i kinda liked it and alot of flashes requires no plot especially with music.

Sound: I really loved the music it was chilling and relaxing and gave you this "secret agent" feeling in some way.

Review Request Club~

MrScriblam responds:

i did not request no review what is this


That was pretty cool, awsome beat and a very abrupt ending. Is there a full song of this, or was it made specifically for this animation?

MrScriblam responds:

this is the full song, the album is linked in the description