Reviews for "GOLEM"

loved it

I thought the consept was great I could see it as a big budget series or even a full lenght film also the use of the FLCL tune is geniuse


A nice flash and I hope there will be more of these, and maybe they could be a bit longer? But otherwise, great job!

hehe :P

I like your animation style, this sort of felt like a teaser for a series. would love to see more of it!

Not bad.

When I saw the very beginning to the part when she awakes the golem I thought I was going to hate it. Until I saw her hand holding a list of names then I was like, "oh shit she's killing people".
The music fits alright into the scene and the animation is good. Since its a short, I'm glad to see there was no sound fx and voice because there was no need. Visuals did all the talking and music helps sets the mood. pretty good

Hurray for FLCL!

Good idea, but I think it ended a little too soon, could have shown more details.
The graphics are amazing and it had suitable music. Keep up the great work and perhaps there can be a second ep to explain your golem theory further?