Reviews for "GOLEM"


i saw the exact same flash on newgrounds a few years ago... now i dont know if you stole it or just resubmit it but still its an ok flash,ok animation,crap story

The eintire 6 goes to ur animation skilz

The missing 4 from ur score however are the story good animation crap story sorry but I have seen some pretty mad ppl and this chick was hardly ful of hate lol as I said grat animation u jus need to revamp the story and shizz

Love the animation just..

I was really hoping for more.

Keep up the good work i hope to see more from you.

It's good, but too short

Really, I tought just before the end the golem and she were to become 'one' as if the 'evil golem' side of her woke up...

I think it's a good animation, I hope you'll finish it/make a sequel

Keep it up!

you know details...

if this is your first flas submision who knows what can come out of you the animation was good generally the circle that apears in the rock was not well done (fing another way to make it), next, the girl didnt look that angry and frustrated as to awake an ancient power, therefore you have to change the intro a bit, the guy needs to have done something worse to the girl than just having broke up with her, make a prequel episode with the girl and the guy maybe being happy together and then the guy meets another girl that the inicial girl doesn´t like then the bad girl tells the guy to forget about the first one and then the guy dumps her in a very mean way, if you want to contact me, i would like to be part of this as a sequel, to end i have to say that you should take it more slowly, don't throw all the potential this has in one short flash that lasted 1 week, make it leave a stronger impression on it's viewers